Corporate and M&A

Tenzer and Lunin brings its results-oriented approach to working as corporate counsel to companies of all sizes.  We work with our clients in a range of corporate matters from entity formation to corporate governance, negotiating partnership and operating agreements among investors, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, and corporate finance. 

Transactions can be small or large, simple or complex; they all receive our full attention.  We are careful to dig in and assess from the very outset of our engagement to assure that our client truly appreciates the full scope of questions and potential solutions that ought to be considered and addressed early in the process.  This can ensure a successful closing, by avoiding the potential for hiccups and potential “deal-breakers” arising later on in the process of a transaction, when a client may be in a more difficult position to negotiate.

Some recent representative matters include the following:

We have closed on the acquisition or sale of hundreds of nursing homes across  New York State as well as  regionally and nationally (in conjunction with local counsel) including asset transactions and stock transactions.  These transactions have involved bankruptcy matters, conversions from not-for-profit to proprietary ownership, assumptions of debts, assignments of purchase rights, and other unique issues.

We recently represented a client in the sale of a pharmacy business, a client in the sale of 80% of the ownership interests in an ambulance company and another client on the acquisition of assets relating to an ambulette company.