Technology, Privacy and Data Security

An integral part of any successful business today is maximizing the value of technologies as they develop.  As more companies move into digital technologies, there are potential pitfalls, including expanding privacy and data security issues.  We counsel clients on issues relating to complex data protection, privacy and cybersecurity laws.

We handle stand-alone transactions involving technology and intellectual property assets, such as license and technology transfer agreements, development agreements, strategic alliances and other forms of collaborations, co-promotion and marketing agreements, internet/e-commerce arrangements, among others.

We represent clients in all stages of development. These companies operate across diverse sectors, including medical devices, computer software/hardware, bio-pharmaceuticalss andother consumer products. We handle cutting-edge areas such as mobile, interactive, and cloud-based applications and platforms and  digital rights management issues.  

We work with clients in the procurement of IT systems and related vendor services, devising implementation strategies, identifying risks and ensuring that software development and implementation contracts are in sync with our clients' needs.

In health care, with the proliferation of electronic health records, we draft HIPAA, records retention and maintenance policies and train our clients’ workforce to comply with the applicable standards.  We also work with our clients to address potential HIPAA concerns before any breach of PHI occurs.

We also provide clients with compliance and auditing advice on privacy and IT security exposure, draft web privacy policies and corporate security and technology policies, assist in IT security audits and consult on the collection, processing and transmission of data pursuant to the EU’s GDPR regulations.

Finally, with increase in complex privacy and security issues, it is important that not only do our clients understand and comply with the applicable laws and regulations, but that their employees do as well.  Therefore we conduct employee training sessions to successfully engage employees and ensure they are properly addressing applicable requirements on a day to day basis.